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Nobile Sports is one of the fastest developing sports brands in the world.

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Skis, windsurfing and skateboarding has accompanied the Rosiak family since they were young. Then, in the 1980s, the snowboard arrived – and that’s how everything began. Dariusz Rosiak, founder of Nobile, was the first CEO of the Polish Snowboard Association and multiple medalist in Polish Snowboard Championships. The Nobile factory saw the light of the day in 1994. The boards produced there were so good that first Burton Snowboards decided to move its production to Bielsko-Biała and then almost fifty other well-known and valued global brands followed.


Now Nobile Sports, managed by CEO Małgorzata Rosiak-Brawańska (who competed in the Nagano Olympics and European and World Snowboarding Championships) is one of the fastest developing sports brands in the world. Nobile offers snowboards, wakeboards, and a full assortment of kiteboarding equipment. It was acknowledged as the third-ranked kiteboard brand on the global market in 2016, and the RC2000 snowkite board holds the title of the best worldwide. Nobile Sports was the first to produce split-type folding boards. As part of its efforts to seek new challenges, Nobile is now a force to be reckoned with in the hydrofoil sector, and offers the only split board dedicated to foil. Małgorzata Rosiak-Brawańska manages a close-knit team consisting of R&D experts, and sales and communication specialists. Nobile Sports works 24 hours a day, serving retail and wholesale customers around the globe. In 2016, Nobile opened its online store, where the full assortment of the company’s products is available and delivered within 72 hours, even to the most remote parts of the world.
Nobile. No other.


Nobile Kiteboarding products have been famous for its astonishing quality and performance.
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Life’s better when you’re kiteboarding!


The Nobile brand, as well as the kiteboard factory was established by Dariusz Rosiak. First Nobile branded kiteboards were released in 2004. These were built in the snowboard technology and featured groundbreaking technologies developed by Nobile R&D, including: Elliptical Progressive Concave, Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape, Hydrodynamic Rocker Line, 3D Construction or IFS System.

Since then Nobile products have been famous for its astonishing quality and performance. All Nobile products are carefully developed in accordance with the Human Concept philosophy. Nobile equipment offers the maximum possible performance, while keeping safety and comfort always in mind. Nobile Splitboards are the latest addition to our kiteboarding collection. Within few seconds each of these boards can be packed to a standard quiver or travel bag, still leaving enough space for other necessities and helping to save on the travel expenses.

The Nobile headquarters is located in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, in the centre of Europe. The office is in the same building as the Nobile-owned kiteboard factory, so the company keeps a direct control over the manufacturing process and unlimited prototyping possibilities



Nobile Snowboards has gained a reputation of a company which produces the most durable boards with the best technical parameters.
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Welcome to Nobile Snowboards!

It’s good to see you here. It means you’re in search of something unique and have courage to discover what others can’t see. We’re not like the others. No doubt, there’s a lot of good boards on the market. The reason why Nobile Snowboards exists is that we know how to produce boards better than the rest. First Nobile snowboard was built in 1994! We manufacture our boards in famous factory in Poland – NBL Sport. The wood we use for snowboard cores comes from selected trees. We use APS core technology and other great patents.

During the Nobile Snowboards’ 20-year journey up and down the world’s slopes we have gained a reputation of a company which produces the most durable boards with the best technical parameters. The Nobile Snowboards R&D team consists of engineers and riders who have been taking part in World Cup, X-Games or Olympic Games competitions for many years. Thanks to their experience and love for sports some of the most popular snowboards in the world are made in our factory.



We believed that wakeboarding is sport for everyone but life’s better when you’re are riding Nobile Wake!
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100% Wake from Nobile!

We have tested our boards on lifts in Germany, Argentina, Indonesia, USA, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Poland. During the 20-year history we have built a reputation of a company which manufactures the most durable boards with the best parameters available. The Nobile Sports R&D team consists of engineers and riders who have been contributing to the development of this sports for many years.



You might have tried many different skis, but nothing can compare to Nobile.
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Nobile Skis. No other.

You might have tried many different skis, but nothing can compare to Nobile. They perform in all conditions, exactly how you want them to. Choose the destination of your skiing adventure from the imperishable Nobile 2016 collection! No other, just Nobile Skis.

There are no other skis like the Nobile ones. Especially thanks to the Tech Triangle system which actively triggers three Nobile-patented solutions: APS, Autorocker and Trapezium Shape, it’s hard to find better skis for snow riding in the world. Also thanks to the Human Concept philosophy the skis’ parameters are optimally adjusted to human capabilities and limitations, in order to provide the maximum comfort and safety. Each product is provided with the “Made with Polish Hands” information, because all of them are hand-made and under the watchful eye of eminent professionals. Nobile skis were used by, among others, Marc Girardelli, Marcin Szafrański and some of the best members of Skiing Instructors and Trainers Society in Poland. The company is also highly valued in terms of design.

In prestigious international World Ski Test and ranking our skis have won the bronze medal in the “Open Space” category. World Ski Test experts, including the “test boss” – Franz Klammer, the legendary Austrian skier and world champion in downhill, as well as Gerhard Brüggler – the World Ski Test organizer – provided such justification for their choice of Nobile skis: “Polish Nobile skis surprised the testers with its all-round abilities. By its width the Trapezium is particularly suitable for avid freeriders. What the looks concern, the young designers met the taste of our testers and were rewarded with a bronze medal in the Snow Style.

During the ascent you will feel as confident as the Lynx, deftly and quickly gaining elevation. Nobile Lynx Tour skis are very light (1290 g at 170 cm) and thanks to the use of carbon-Kevlar fabrics within the whole construction, they ensure perfect contact with the surface and great performance on the way down. Lynx is a perfect blend of light weight and riding properties. Climbing on the top will be awarded with an unforgettable ride!





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