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Saatchi & Saatchi Interactive Solutions launch 2017 ‘Hang Loose’ Wakeboard Collection for Nobile


Nobile is a Polish manufacturer of highly-regarded and worldwide critically acclaimed skis, snowboards, wakeboard and kiteboards. Nobile products are created according to the human concept philosophy, which means optimal designing the parameters of products, in order to meet the maximum comfort and safety. For 2017, Saatchi & Saatchi Interactive Solutions (IS) Poland have designed a range of wakeboards called, ‘Hang Loose’ which includes five designs. Saatchi not only created visual identity, but focused on keeping its unique personality and characteristics.

Created to re-define and refine the perception of the Nobile brand, targeted directly to a new generation of young wakeboarders aged 16-40 years. The ambitious combination of both board design and related key visuals meant that Saatchi & Saatchi IS were able to create a truly unique campaign by integrating all elements of 3D and poster design, enhancing the sense that each board is truly individual in all aspects.

The ‘Hang Loose’ concept was created to encourage wakeboarders to find peace by looking inside oneself. Five designs have been created, which reflect five unique personalities and sets of experiences. When all the prints are combined and placed side by side, create a unique board design. The design of each board is simple yet modern and aims to attract a younger target audience through the innovative 3D image rendering, fun imagery and a gadget-centric approach. Every board tells a unique story. The five wooden wakeboard designs all reflect different characteristics, which is expanded on within the posters: Rubicon BRAH is a story of brotherhood and love for adventure, ALOHA shows a peaceful world of feminine emotions and simplicity, SHAKA tells a story of childhood friendship and imagination, AKAW epic speaks of spectacular adventures and curiosity, and BEE 3 is a tribute to inner freedom and creativity.  “There are few projects that give you so much freedom in producing creative content, and few teams who take this freedom with so much responsibility and passion. In this case both of the components came together.” said Rafał Nagiecki, design director of Saatchi & Saatchi IS, Poland. “We are really happy to have created such a consistent and unique communication.” he added. The posters have already become popular on social media and was awarded as best in Poland in one of the most prestigious advertising contest KTR 2017 (1 gold, 3 bronze)